After years of being an “Old School” transportation company, we have found our way to become one of the more innovative companies in our industry. Below are just a few of the recent technological improvements we have implemented over the past year.

AWL Transport has been acknowledged as the First company to take advantage Of Omnitracs’s new product offering. An innovative combination of work flow processing with in the truck ELD integration. Using artificial intelligence and technology to dramatically reduce the driver input and pass information automatically from our business system, to the truck, to the driver and back to the business system with 75% less manual interaction, by the driver and our administrative staff.

All of this while opening an amazing list of new, in the truck, driver related services and applications to help the driver run legal, run safe, and communicate so much easier to everyone involved. This product allows the driver to avoid traffic and weather related conflicts, removes obstacles when they encounter claims, damages, delays, parking limitations, web access, and sometimes just wanting to see a smiling family member when they are alone.

Click here for an overview of the Omnitracs One Product

A game changing application to help our drivers become better at what they do. New Artificial Intelligence (AI) cameras provide instant feedback to our drivers as they drive. Giving them personalized feed back through the use of AI, we remove the personalities involved when reviewing a drivers performance and offering suggestions for improvement. Analyzing dozens of driving activities a hundred times a second gives every driver their own onboard trainer riding with them without the pressure of someone looking over their shoulder.

Click here for an overview of Netradyne Driver-I

A new improvement in tire inflation technology for power units. We have recently implemented their Halo Connect product that provides telecommunication capability to identify changes occurring in real time on the road and this helps our fleet management staff make immediate decisions to protect the tire assets within our fleet. This new feature closes the loop on tire inflation risk for our fleet.

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