Company Information

Company Information

Jerry Carlton


Jerry has been in the trucking industry for over 40 years. Throughout his career he has held many positions from Driver to CEO. "I know what it's like to be a driver – I feel their pain and enjoyment from the profession." He's put together a great team of experienced professionals from Fortune 500 companies and also from good old-fashioned loyal employees that have been with him for a while. With their knowledge of the trucking industry, it didn't take long for Jerry to expand.

Patrick S. Fojas

Chief Financial Officer

With 34 years of transportation experience, Patrick was a financial analyst with Leaseway Transportation in Cleveland And Chicago, before Jerry convinced him to join his team. Prior to his current position as CFO, Patrick served as VP Finance and also as a Controller. While he has no crystal ball, his main focus is to forecast the financial performance and needs of TLX amidst a backdrop of an ever-changing global economy.

Linda Carlton

General Manager

Working in the Transportation industry since she was 13, Linda heads up the overall operations of the TLX, from Dispatch to Maintenance. She has spent many years and many dollars in seeing that our vehicles are maintained properly for our drivers so that they can deliver safely and at the same time, meeting the demands of our valued customers. "Drivers are the biggest part of our team and keeping them happy, with safe equipment is very important to us at TLX."

Brandon Parker

Assistant General Manager

Originally from Tennessee, Brandon started in the transportation industry in 1996. With previous companies, he served as a backhaul manager, assistant manager, terminal manager, and regional manager. He has seen the business from many points of view. "With today's supply chain constantly changing, it is important we provide honest, detail oriented transportation/logistics for all our customers from start to finish."

Jim Bracken

Director of Safety

"Nothing we do is worth getting hurt, or hurting others!" Jim believes that drivers are the companies most important asset, They generate the revenue to the company and represent the heart of our business.   Their hard work, challanging working conditions and interactions with customers, vendors and fellow employees really determines who we are as a company.  We all strive to make sure that each of our drivers returns home to their families free from Harm and danger.  Jim's has over 36 years of industry experience.  Starting in the army as a driver, continuing as a flatbed steel truck driver, and moving through management experiences in recruiting drivers, founding and managing a truck driving school / CDL test site, acting as a claims manager, safety manager and now our Director of Safety.   In his free time, Jim loves to cook, and spend time with his wife, 7 children, and 19 grandchildren.


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