It is a cultural thing!

To survive in today’s transportation economy, you must have a clear respect for the safe operation of your company. Drivers are part of our family here. We have known many of them, for over 40 years. We have watched them celebrate the birth of their children. watched their children grow, graduate from schools, and start their own families. Some of their children have also become employees for us over the years. They are what make our companies a success and the most important responsibility we have is to work every day to get them home safe to their families.

As your partner, we also recognize the importance you place on the safe transportation of your products to your valued customers. We respect that you have become a partner with us, to share the opportunities you have worked hard to create for your business. Your expectations of how well managed companies operate , have driven us to implement several successful safety programs throughout the years that have served us well.




All of our trucks are equipped with state-of-the-art communications equipment providing electronic logs for our drivers while also integrating directly into our Transportation Management System to automate the update of critical information for our operations team. We made sure our systems were 100% ELD compliant in the 1st Quarter of 2019.



Collision Mitigation Technology

Investing in new truck technology such as "lane keep assist" to eliminate unexpected lane departures. The "adaptive cruise control" allows the vehicle to maintain a safe distance from traffic in front of them. "Collision mitigation" sensors monitor the surrounding traffic and alert our driver, and if necessary, the vehicle will act on its own, to automatically stop the vehicle and avoid the perilous situation.



In Cab Cameras

The most responsible way to protect your investment. With full color, real time, in cab camera systems, we are able to see any situation that may arise. From accidents waiting to happen, animals running across the road, or just having the ability to monitor the driving habits of our drivers. Our ability to review the driving habits under varied situations allows us to give our drivers specific advice on how to be a safer driver.



Tire Inflation Systems

Long ago we understood the savings to be gained by using tire inflation systems for our tractors and trailers. We have gained significant yearly savings in both drive tire and trailer tire road calls. We have increased our tread life and have extended the replacement schedule for tires throughout the fleet. As it relates to our customers, these systems have allowed us to make a significant reduction of unplanned shipment delays, due to tire failures, in route.



Disc Brakes

In our industry, and the niche we serve within it, stopping a tractor trailer, weighing 120,000 pounds at 65 MPH is very important. The difference in the stopping distances when using conventional drum brakes versus using disc brakes, can only be appreciated when someone cuts across a turnpike turnaround in front of a truck loaded with a permit load of steel and heavy traffic. Every tractor and trailer we order now comes standard with disc brakes.

Much more cost, but much more safe!




We implemented the "Infinit-I" on-line training system. This new technology allows our drivers to participate in monthly safety related assignments from the comfort of their trucks or homes. Employees can watch videos, access DOT or company provided seminars or training materials and be given short but targeted tests to measure their comprehension of the hot safety topics of the month. Infinit-I also allows us to share any customer related policy changes and immediately communicate them to the entire fleet and confirm their understanding of them.


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